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I sprinkled some sunshine today.

Yesterday, I was fortunate to spend some time with my girl gang [it's a thing], and we talked about some incredibly exciting upcoming things, our hopes and dreams and fears, and there were a whole lot of tears. We've created such a safe space for hurts and frustrations and doubts, and it's beautiful to lay it all out on the floor of our friend's living room and just process out loud.

My sweet friend was hurting and it was everything I could do to stay seated on the couch. I wanted to jump up and right the wrongs and change hearts and fix all the problems and hug her and cry with her and remedy the world's problems. Instead, I settled into the couch, and I listened. And she felt heard and loved and cared for. Through this entire night I realized I'm in a good headspace right now, but so many of my people surrounding me aren't.

So I decided to be a dose of sunshine and sprinkle it all over the place today. I was adamant about being a blessing to those I serve …

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